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Jack Beal is a musician, producer, and educator based in New York City and Boston.

As a transdisciplinary collaborative artist, Jack's practice regularly calls upon fellow musicians, dancers, theatremakers, visual artists, scientists, and others of all descriptions in the course of making work which provokes insight and growth.

With a great affinity for exploring the process of artmaking, Jack's work has at times involved site-specific improvisations, experimental scores, durational and marathon performances, long-distance simultaneous field recordings, and more.

As a collaborator, Jack serves as a musician, music director, producer, audio engineer, music copyist/engraver, and conductor. Jack's performance experience includes classical symphony orchestras, musical theatre orchestras and pit bands, chamber ensembles large and small, jazz combos and free improvisation groups, and much more in-between and beyond.

Jack maintains a strong commitment to artistic pedagogy, and for more than a decade has helped students and mentees of all varieties foster their connections to artistic practices of many kinds.

Jack enjoys the crisp air of New England autumns and dark chocolate with sea salt.